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HygieneChek™ Dip-Slide

HygieneChek™ Dipslides are an easy to use, reliable and economic microbiological testing system.

HygieneChek™ Dip-Slide is test system which is used to detect and identify various microorganisms commonly found in foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Easy to handle, it can be used to grade microorganism counts and establish trends in microbiological contamination. Consequently, hygiene monitoring results are bench marked in compliance with implemented hygiene guidelines.

HygieneChek™ consists of a container with a screw-cap and double-sided plastic paddle containing two agars of choice. Sampling is carried out by simply pressing the paddle with the agar on a surface or dipping the paddle into a liquid or emulsion. Alternatively, the agar can be inoculated with a swab. For air sampling, simply place the sample in an upright position on the screw cap.

Superior microbial growth and spectrum of applications. The unique thickness of the agar layer on the paddles support the superior microbial growth while preventing the agar from drying out. With over 20 different dip-slides, the HygieneChek™  range offers the broadest spectrum of application including a selective agar media for Salmonella, Listeria and Staphylococcus.

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