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EZ Reach™ Sponge Sampler

EZ Reach™ Sponge Sampler is ideal for collecting environmental surface samples without touching the sponge. The flexible polypropylene handle allows maximum contact of the sponge area with the sampling surface and also helps with the collection of hard to reach surfaces, around corners plus irregular shaped areas. The innovative twist-off head holds the sponge securely but is quick and easy to remove from the handle once sample collection is complete.

EZ Reach™ Sponge Sampler are designed to optimise the collection of microbiological samples from a wide variety of production surfaces. The sponge itself is manufactured from polyurethane providing a swab that is rugged and non-toxic. Unlike cellulose sponges that can flake and fray when sampling tough surfaces, polyurethane sponges have a greater tensile strength and will show a tendency to stretch rather than tear. Also, polyurethane sponges are manufactured with a synthetic process that results in the production of a sponge with highly uniform non-toxic properties.

Laboratory studies show excellent survival of test organisms, and field trials indicate that the PUR-Sponge is compatible with leading diagnostic tests. EZ Reach Polyurethane Sponge Samplers are well suited for sampling surfaces that are abrasive or have sharp edges; the material is resilient and less likely to fragment during sample collection than cellulose.

The polyurethane sponge is attached to a plastic handle, sealed in a strong easy to open sample bag. The bendable polypropylene handle of the EZ Reach Sponge Sampler help maximise contact of the sponge to the sampling surface and also helps sample around corners or irregular shaped areas.

For sampling remote locations such as ceilings and into tanks, the blue handle of the EZ Reach Sponge Sampler is snapped into a specially designed adapter which threads onto a telescoping extension pole. The adapter is aluminium and is autoclavable.





  1. Label the outside of the bag with the test location name or identification number.
  2. Open the EZ Reach Sponge Sampler by tearing away the strips at the top of the bag.
  3. Remove the EZ Reach Device by pushing upwards from the outside of the bag.
  4. The blue handle is grasped at the end furthest away from the sponge.
  5. Do not touch the inside of the sample bag or contact the sponge during handling and sampling.
  6. For best results, the sponge should be flat when contacting the surface and the surface should be vigorously scrubbed to disrupt and lift any biofilm.
  7. When sampling is complete, re-insert the sponge into the top of the sample bag.
  8. Do not insert any part of the handle that has been held during handling or sampling.
  9. Hold the sponge from the outside of the sample bag and twist the handle counter-clockwise one-half turn.
  10. Allow the sponge to drop to the bottom of the sample bag.
  11. Roll down the top of the bag and secure folding over the wire ties at each side of the sample bag.
  12. Send to laboratory to process as per their procedures for either qualitative or quantitative testing.  






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