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SampleRight™ Cellulose Sponge Swab

SampleRight™ Cellulose Sponge Swabs are the perfect tool for easy and reliable sample collection of surfaces for microbiological analysis.

SampleRight™ Cellulose Sponge Swab Sampler includes a 7.5cm x 3.5cm biocide free cellulose sponge sealed in an easy-to-open, puncture resistant sample bag. The laminated film that is used to construct the sample bag has a tough outer nylon layer for extra strength and durability.

Each bag is printed with a large white write-on area that is appropriately placed on the bag for easy viewing of the sample and identification information. It is here that the lot number of the SampleRight™ Cellulose Sponge Swab Sampler is printed by the manufacturer.

The SampleRight™ Cellulose Sponge Swab Sampler has a perforated line at the top of the bag. The bag and sponge remain sterile until the bag is opened by tearing the perforation. Tabs on either side of the bag aid in opening the bag easily and help prevent contact of hands and the inside surface. The incorporation of the wire tie at the top of the bag (just below the perforation line) helps keep the bag open during the sampling procedure.

After sampling the bag is closed by pulling the ends of the wire closed to the bag. The bag is then sealed by holding the wire at both ends and flipping the bag 3 times. Finally the wires at each end are bent over onto the bag to complete the closing of the bag.

The SampleRight™ Cellulose Sponge Swab Sampler is available with a dry or pre-moistened sponge. Pre-moistened sponges are available with 10mL High Capacity Neutralising Broth, Neutralising Buffer, Letheen Broth or Buffered Peptone Water. The Dry Sponge product is convenient when sampling a wet surface or when the user prefers to add their own prepared sterile solution prior to sampling. The SampleRight™ Cellulose Sponge Sampler is available with or without a pair of blue polyethylene gloves.




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