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micrógel™ CRM's for Petrifilm®

micrógel™ CRM's for the use with 3M™ Petrifilm®.

Method validation and verification of Petrifilm® has never been so easy with the use of the new micrógel™ CRM's. As the CRM's were designed and certified specifically for the Petrifilm® plates, the resulting counts from the micrógel™ discs are always within the countable range of the test method.

A number of 3M™ Petrifilm® products are covered within this range: 




Instructions for use:

  1. Allow the sample vial to room temperature for 5 minutes

  2. Transfer the sample disc to 90mL of sterile Butterfield’s Buffer by inverting the open sample vial above the buffer vial.

  3. Cap the buffer vial, swirl, and allow the sample to dissolve for 10-15 minutes at room temperature.

  4. After 10-15 minutes, shake the sample gently and inspect for complete dissolution.

  5. If the sample is not completely dissolved, wait 5 minutes and gently shake again.

  6. This is your standard for analysis. If food matrix supplementation is required, it should be performed at this time.

  7. Use 1mL plate inoculation. Units are reported in CFU/mL.


Ordering details:-

Product Code: FM-707-5                5 Pack

Product Code: FM-707-20              20 Pack

Product Code: FM-708-5                5 Pack

Product Code: FM-708-20              20 Pack

Product Code: FM-709-5                5 Pack

Product Code: FM-709-20              20 Pack

Product Code: FM-710-5                5 Pack

Product Code: FM-710-20              20 Pack

Product Code: FM-711-5                5 Pack

Product Code: FM-711-20              20 Pack

Product Code: FM-712-5                5 Pack

Product Code: FM-712-20              20 Pack

Product Code: FM-713-5                5 Pack

Product Code: FM-713-20              20 Pack

Product Code: FM-714-5                5 Pack

Product Code: FM-714-20              20 Pack


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