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Magnus HD Trend

Superb HD image quality with the magnification features of a microscope.

People often require need images of specific grains or seeds, samples or seed collections. For example, after a seed lab tests a sample, a test report is provided, but words are not enough as it may be difficult to put in words what one picture can tell. When planning a cleaning regime, an image of what is needed to be removed can be critical.

To be of value, the picture of seeds needs to represent the exact and specific conditions and features of the seeds found in a sample. Seeds are biological products which can vary from sample to sample for many reasons. This is why the image has to represent the individual sample.

Single contaminants can vary from the crop seeds, and so a picture can show a single kind of contaminant with clear physical differences between the crop seed and the undesirable seed. Each image should include a scale to interpret size, shape and other differences.

There can be any number of scenarios where simple measurement of the size of seeds or grain is not enough.

The contaminant seems very different in surface texture and length but has similar width to the grain or seeds.

The contaminant is similar in size and shape to the crop seeds and so mechanical separation of the contaminant is likely to be impossible. By seeing this image, a grower may realize the value of contaminant prevention in the field.

With multiple contaminants, an image can help a cleaner and grower to communicate and plan preventive and corrective measures. Good communication and planning of specific actions simply based on words would be difficult if not impossible. An image solves this problem.

With Tagarno's magnifier, you can speed up your quality control work, and become more efficient. With this system, you can easily zoom in to take a really close look at your seeds to check their quality or take pictures for documentation with a single click. Tagarno's magnifier is ideal for purity determination of all kinds of seeds, control of germination capacity as well as the identification of foreign seed types, fungal disease and differences in new seed varieties.







Quick and easy to work with → Reduction of analysis time.

320x Magnification HD image → Excellent image quality → Reliable, error-free analysis.

Single click image capture → Strengthened position towards suppliers as well as buyers

Reduced operator fatigue → Productive, happy operators

High quality image displayed on a screen → Several people can look at the sees at the same time → Sparring between operators, training of new operators and internal education.  



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