AquaSorp isotherm generator

Isotherm Generator delivers previously unavailable data.

The AquaSorp isotherm generator creates moisture sorption isotherms for foods and pharmaceuticals. It uses a Dynamic Dewpoint Isotherm (DDI) method to create adsorption and desorption isotherms with >50 points on each curve in about 24 hours.

The AquaSorp Isotherm Generator effectively controls product formulation and stability, moisture sensitivity, temperature effects and drying characteristics and provides answers in less than 24 hours as opposed to the 2-5 weeks offered by previous instruments.

The isotherm predicts how an ingredient on a recipe will respond to moisture. The technology is fast and at a cost that researchers and technologists can now afford.

The DDI method directly measures the water activity of the sample. The generator creates isotherms with hundreds of data points between 0.03 and 0.95 aW and 15 to 40O C. The integrated pump, water chamber and desiccant tube eliminate gas cylinders and allow easy maintenance between experiments. The included SorpTrac software analyzes data using BET, GAB and a double log polynomial (DLP) to accurately solve the coefficients to the collected data.

An increase in water activity is almost always accompanied by an increase in water content, but in a nonlinear fashion.  Moisture sorption isotherms are sigmoidal in shape for most foods.  A few uses for isotherms include:

• Monolayer moisture content determination.

• Determine critical water activity or moisture content limits for crispness, hardness, and flow properties.

• Maximize moisture contents at safe water activities through formulation adjustment.

• Adjust drying process controls to achieve a safe water activity that maximizes moisture content and avoids over drying.

• Determine shelf life and storage stability of a product.

The AquaSorp isotherm generator is manufactured by Decagon Devices.

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