FluoroQuant® Aflatoxin

A rapid, quantitative fluorometric test kit for total aflatoxin detection in corn, wheat, milo, popcorn, soybeans, cornsoy blends, raw peanuts, rice and cottonseed. The Fluoroquant Afla IAC test was developed for complex matrices (e.g distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS).
These tests were specifically formulated for the needs of the grain industry.

FluoroQuant® Aflatoxin test kits are the fastest, quantitative fluorometric tests based on a solid-phase or immunoaffinity column clean-up.

The kits are USDA / GIPSA approved and provide fast testing without the dilution steps. The FluoroQuant® tests are simple enough for on-site use in grain, feed and food handling facilities, but they are also appropriate for analytical laboratories.

FluoroQuant® test kits require the FQ-Reader, which reads the fluorescence signal of the test and translates it into a quantitative analytical result.




  • Rapid - Less than 5 minute method
  • Cost Effective - Consistent price per test
  • All Inclusive - Accessory materials and reagents included
  • User Friendly - Easily train technicians in minutes

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