AgraVision® Reader

AgraVision® Reader for the Quantification of AgraStrip® Mycotoxin and GMO Products.

AgraVision® Reader is a handheld lateral flow device reader used for the quantification of AgraStrip® Mycotoxin and GMO Products. It measures the intensity of the test line on the AgraStrip®  and can read up to two mycotoxin strips or 4 GMO Strips simultaneously. With the optional AgraVision® printer strip test results can easily be stored for hard copy documentation.


Ordering Details:

  • AgraVision® Reader with Printer, Mycotoxin and GMO Tray                              Product Code: EQASR1000
  • AgraVision® Reader with Mycotoxin Tray                                                            Product Code: EQASR1003
  • AgraVision® Reader Set-Up with Printer, Mycotoxin Tray and Incubator            Product Code: AQASR1010


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