SampleRight™ Polyurethane Sponge Swab

SampleRight™ Polyurethane Sponge Swab provides an excellent tool for accurate and reliable sampling.

The SampleRight™ product line has been expanded to include a medical-grade, high density (HD) polyurethane sponge as an option to the traditional yellow cellulose sponge.

The composition of the new HD Polyurethane sponge was carefully chosen so that the sponge is easy to manipulate when moving in and out of the sample bag and when sampling a surface. All types of surfaces, including rough ones that would shred conventional cellulose sponges, can be sampled without concern for flaking or tearing with the HD polyurethane sponge.

Unlike cellulose sponges that are made with natural materials using harsh chemicals, all of our polyurethane sponges are manufactured with a synthetic process that assures batch to batch consistency and compatibility with the newer generation diagnostic tests.

Polyurethane sponges are designed to meet the exacting requirements of:-

  • Resiliency for tough surfaces. The polyurethane sponges resists tearing and flaking, even with your most difficult surfaces. This is especially important because proper surface sampling requires vigorous scrubbing of the surface to detach tightly bound organisms and disrupt biofilms.
  • Consistency from batch to batch. Our polyurethane sponges are manufactured using a highly controlled process resulting in excellent batch to batch consistency.
  • Compatibility with diagnostic tests. The advanced diagnostics used in laboratories today are sensitive to contaminating materials that may be found in less controlled materials such as cellulose sponges. With the increased importance of environmental sampling, it is critical to use a material that will not interfere with laboratory tests, potentially causing false positive or false negative results.


  •  Suitable for sampling large surface areas.
  • Well suited for all surfaces, no tearing or flaking.
  • Allows for multiple quantitative tests from a single sample.
  • Ideal for collecting samples for pathogen detection assays.




  • 100 units per case.

  • Gamma irradiated.

  • Batch Certificate of Analysis



 Ordering Details:-

  • SampleRight Polyurethane Sponge Sampler - Pre-moistened with 16mL of High Capacity Neutralising Broth, 18oz bag. 
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