Medi·Ca™ Plates

Medi·Ca™ are the new generation of dehydrated plates for microbiological testing.

A new generation of dehydrated plates have been launched for microbiological testing. Medi·Ca™ Plates are ready to use dehydrated media plates for the analysis of foods, waters, pharmaceuticals and environmental swabs. 


1. Simple & Easy

Medi·Ca™ enables you to start a food bacteriological test immediately without preparing media. The Medi·Ca™ method is so simple and easy that you can save time and effort for the test.

2. Brightly-Coloured

Medi·Ca™ provides you with brightly-colours colonies distinguishable from food particles, which make colony counting easier and reduces the individual difference in counting results. Medi·Ca™ AC has the additional benefit of being able to present less spreading colonies of Bacillus than the standard plate count method.

3. Saving Space for Incubation & Reducing Amount of Waste

A Medi·Ca™ sheet is so compact that you can save space for incubation and reduce the total amount of waste than a petri dish because the sheet is 10 to 15 times smaller than the dish.

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