Brite Belt™ Conveyor Cleaning System

Brite Belt™ conveyor belt cleaning and conditioning system.

Brite Belt™ conveyor cleaning system has been designed to clean and sanitise the surface of conveyor belts in your production facility.


A critical control point in food processing is the surface of the conveyor belt. Not only can biological hazards survive and grow on conveyor belt surfaces, they are also transported throughout the food processing facility. The Brite Belt™ Conveyor Belt and Conditioning system is designed to mechanically and chemically remove biofilm from flat conveyor belt surfaces. Biofilm found on conveyor belts used in food processing is composed of multiple pathogen microorganisms living in a slime and fed by particles of the food being processed. The Brite Belt™ scrubber pad breaks up the biofilm and allows the sanitiser to reach the microorganisms as well as remove residual food debris.

The Brite Belt™ conveyor belt cleaning and conditioning system has benefits beyond food safety. The cleaning and sanitising solution is metered through orifices which control the amount of chemical usage and apply the chemical continuously where needed. The pad attached to the system does not contain aluminium or pumice, and therefore, will not scratch the conveyor belt surface. This allows the scrubber unit to be left on the surface of the belt for longer periods of time. The Brite Belt™ system does these tasks without incurring significant labour costs. Once in place, these elements necessary to control biological hazards which include time, cleaning and sanitising solution, and mechanical removal of biofilms are done without labour costs.

The Brite Belt™ system is simple to use. Attach the pad to the bottom, filling the scrubbing container with the appropriate cleaning or sanitising solution, bungee the scrubber unit to the conveyor frame or fasten so that the scrubber is stationary, turn on the conveyor, then finish your other sanitation duties. After a satisfactory amount of time or revolutions, turn off the conveyor and move to another.

To watch the Brite Belt in action click here.

Sizes Available:

  • S600 - 60.69cm (L) x 15.24cm (W) x 8.89cm (D), Capacity 7.57L
  • S800 -  60.69cm (L) x 20.32cm (W) x 8.89cm (D), Capacity 9.46L
  • S1200 - 60.69cm (L) x 30.48cm (W) x 8.89cm (D), Capacity 13.25L
  • S1600 - 60.69cm (L) x 40.64cm (W) x 8.89cm (D), Capacity 18.92L
  • S1600T - 60.69cm (L) x 40.64cm (W) x 15.24cm (D), Capacity 26.5L

Brite Belt™ scrubber units are designed to be staged together in order to accommodate conveyor belts almost of any size. Custom brackets mounted on the front, back and top of the units securely join the units together. The poly-fibre cleaning pads can be cut to any size to fit the staged units.

Three S1600 units staged together to service a wider belt.


Brite Belt™ scrubber units come with a threaded drain port on the backside to easily empty the tanks after the conveyor belt has been cleaned.

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