AccuSafe thermometer

The new Accusafe thermometers give a precise reading in refrigerators, blood banks, ovens, incubators, and in other areas where temperature accuracy is critical.
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Each thermometer is individually calibrated, serialised and numbered and is accompanied by a certificate with NIST traceability.

The thermometer is filled with a green liquid (ECCO-SAFE), which is completely non-toxic and is certified by the FDA and the USDA for uses with food or pharmaceuticals. It carries the USDA\'s H-1 incidental food contact rating. The thermometer is supplied in a unbreakable, liquid-filled plastic bottle. This liquid insulates the thermometer against any rapid change in temperature when the appliance door is opened. This liquid is also environmentally safe and friendly.

Each unique Accusafe thermometer has easy-to-read vertical numbers for quick and precise accurate temperature reading!

Bottles are easily attachable to any wall or door surface.

Thermometers can be supplied with Teflon® coating for additional protection against breakage.

Cat.#  Type            Range   Divisions  Length
A-856  Refrigerator  -5/15ºC   .5º          110mm
A-858  Blood Bank   -5/20ºC   .5º          110mm
A-860  Incubator     10/30ºC   .5º          110mm
A-862  Incubator     20/50ºC   .5º          110mm
A-864  Oven           30/130ºC  1.0º        140mm

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