Many of us at some point in time of our eating experience have searched for that glass of water after eating chilli. But is it the best way to cool down?

Chillies are part of the nightshade family, which includes potato, eggplant and tomato as well as tobacco and belladonna.

What makes the chillies seem hot is a family of chemicals called capsaicinoids.

Researchers have found that the best chilli or curry burn neutraliser is based on the following steps:

1 - Cool liquids (5°C) are better than room termperature (20°C)

2 - Add a little sugar - sucrose solution (10%)

3 - Since capsaicinoids are not bery water soluble, milk with 10% fat

4 - making chewing actions with the tongue and mouth.

 So next time you get that chilli mouth, chew on some frozen ice-cream. What a way

Source:Christian Wu Nasrawi & Rose Marie Pangborn

Temporal effectiveness of mouth-rinsing on capsaicin mouth-burn.

Physiol Behav.1990 April; 47(4): 617-23

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