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Food Chemistry.
Food Microbiology.
Texture Analysis - Measuring That Bite.
Glitterbug - Teaching Correct Hand Washing Technique

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Smarter Tools for Food Safety & Quality

Jan 27, 2009

Arrow Scientific provides the smartest products for food microbiology and HACCP based on the latest technologies; saving time, labour and money.

Arrow offers products in the areas of microbiology, chemistry, pH, temperature, viscosity and texture tests for the lab and on-line testing, vitamin A & D assays, plus software for sensory or statistical process analysis and handwashing training.

We let you target food safety and quality with a wide range of smarter tests and equipment.


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Collection & Enrichment in ONE Sampling Device

  PUR-Blue™ DUO Swab Sampler delivers both sample collection & enrichment in one convenient device.   Now you can start enrichment immediately after collection, eliminating handling & ...

Lupin - a new recently declared allergen

Lupin was recently added to the Food Standards Australia New Zealand  list of allergens that must be declared on food labels with food businesses having until 25 May 2017 to ensure that they meet the...

How to you use AgraStrip® lateral flow strips in your production facility.

How do you ensure your product is really allergen free? You can thoroughly clean your production facility after each production run, but how do you verify even the smallest traces of specific aller...