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Smarter Tools for Food Safety & Quality

Jan 27, 2009

Arrow Scientific provides the smartest products for food microbiology and HACCP based on the latest technologies; saving time, labour and money.

Arrow offers products in the areas of microbiology, chemistry, pH, temperature, viscosity and texture tests for the lab and on-line testing, vitamin A & D assays, plus software for sensory or statistical process analysis and handwashing training.

We let you target food safety and quality with a wide range of smarter tests and equipment.


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Food Safety Tips for Christmas from Arrow Scientific

We don’t want Santa or our family and friends to suffer food poisoning this Christmas, so follow these food safety tips…      1.Make sure your hands and kitchen utensils are really clean...

New Product Announcement: Multi-Organism Certified Reference Materials (CRM)

Arrow Scientific has a new range of Multi-Organism Certified Reference Materials [CRM] on offer which are easy to use, economical, reliable and precise. From the one source of CRM, you can now test a...

WineLab Touch: The Future for Wine Testing

WineLab is composed of a spectrophotometer and specific kits containing reagents pre-filled into cuvettes so that you are ready to go without having to mix or prepare reagents.  Simply add the wine...